Sparsholt, Hampshire

POSTED ON: 19/04/2022

RML were instructed to carry out both a Phase I Desk study and Phase II Site investigation in Sparsholt, Hampshire for a conversion of two existing agricultural buildings to form three dwellings.

Walkover Survey by RML Engineer

A walkover survey was carried out by an RML Engineer to establish if contamination is present from any undocumented practice or industrial use of the land and surrounding land and if necessary to confirm the accuracy of the information obtained from elsewhere as part of the Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) data gathering process . A visual assessment of the land to check for signs of industrial activity, landfilling, fly tipping , fuel storage, fuel tanks, asbestos related materials or any land contamination was undertaken and a photographic record made to provide evidence to show the condition of the land at the time of the Walkover Survey.

Phase I Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental data, comprising geo-environmental hazards, hydrology and hydrogeology, was obtained for the current site covering an area of up to 1000m from the site boundary.

Historical Maps

Historical Ordnance Survey maps were also obtained for the site, as part of the PRA data gathering process. These maps were used to inform of potential historical contaminative processes.


Fieldwork was undertaken in line with British Standards BS 5930:2015+A1:2020. 4 No. Light Percussion Boreholes, 6 No. Hand Excavated Trial Pits, BRE 365 Soil Infiltration Test, MEXE Probe CBR Tests, and Land-Borne Gas Monitoring were undertaken as part of site investigation.

Laboratory Testing

Chalk Density Tests, pH & Sulphate tests, Chemical analysis, Asbestos Identification and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) were the Laboratory tests undertaken for this project.