South Kilburn, London

POSTED ON: 13/04/2021

Risk Management Limited were commissioned by Brent Council to undertake a Phase I Desk Study/Tier 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment and a Phase II Intrusive Site Investigation in South Kilburn, London for the construction of 16 No. 4-story residential terraced buildings.

Prior to site works a detailed UXO Risk Assessment was obtained and subsequent on-site UXO support was provided. Intrusive fieldwork consisted of 2 No. cable percussion boreholes to 25m depth, 6 No. drive-in-sampler boreholes to 5m depth, 6 No. CBR tests, 2 No. hand excavated trial pits and 2 No. gas/groundwater monitoring installations.

Laboratory testing included Moisture Content tests, Atterberg Limits, Quick Undrained Triaxial tests, pH and Sulphate tests, Contamination tests, Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) tests and Asbestos identification.

Reporting encompassed conventional foundations, pile design parameters, land borne gas assessment, road pavement design and ground remediation.