Mottingham, London

POSTED ON: 10/09/2020

Risk Management Limited were commissioned to undertake a Phase I Desk Study/Tier 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment and a Phase II Intrusive Site Investigation in Mottingham, London for the construction of a part 5-story part 6-storey residential building.

One 30m deep cable percussion borehole was drilled at the site using a Dando 4000 rig, with in-situ SPT tests undertaken along with the retrieval of undisturbed U4/U100 samples for subsequent laboratory testing and a gas/groundwater standpipe installed. Additional mechanically excavated trial pits were also undertaken across the site to confirm the geology.

Laboratory testing included, Moisture Contents, Atterberg Limits, Undrained Triaxial Compression Tests, Particle Size Distribution tests, pH and Sulphate tests, contamination tests, Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) tests and asbestos identification.

Pile design parameters, ground remediation and a landborne gas assessment were reported.