Poole, Dorset

February 2021

Risk Management Limited were initially employed in January 2020 to undertake a Phase I Desk Study and Phase II Intrusive Contamination Assessment at the former site of HMRC offices in Poole, Dorset. Following this RML were again employed in February 2021 to undertake two deep cable percussion boreholes to enable pile design and undertake gas monitoring.

Two 25m deep cable percussion boreholes were drilled at the site using a Dando 4000 rig, with in-situ SPT tests undertaken along with the retrieval of undisturbed U4/U100 samples for subsequent laboratory testing.

Laboratory testing included, Moisture Contents, Atterberg Limits, Undrained Triaxial Compression Tests, pH and Sulphate tests.

Blackford to Ickenham

April 2020

In April 2020 Risk Management Limited were instructed by Affinity Water to undertake an intrusive soil investigation to determine the proposed route for a 700mm diameter mains between Blackford Booster and Ickenham Booster. The project was part of a larger 20-year investment programme named Supply 2040

A total of 22 No. boreholes were drilled along 3 proposed linear routes for the mains pipeline using a tracked window sampler rig. Boreholes were drilled to depths of between 2.00m and 10.00m below existing ground level.

A large area of the site comprised a former Landfill and in addition to geotechnical testing on samples recovered to aid sub-structure foundation advice, numerous contamination and waste acceptance criteria (WAC) tests were scheduled to provide information to assist in the best possible route for the mains pipe.

Retail Park, Coventry

November 2019

Risk Management Limited were commissioned to undertake a Warehouse Slab Investigation at a Retail Park in Coventry.

Prior to any intrusive work a UXO assessment found the site to be high risk from unexploded ordnance and consequently on-site support from UXO Specialists were employed during the work.

The project consisted of five cores through the concrete slab in 83mm diameter recovering cores of approximately 75mm in diameter. Following coring boreholes were sunk at two locations using a Premier tracked drive-in-sampler rig to ascertain the make-up beneath the slab.

During the borehole works the UXO specialist cleared each metre prior to drilling using a down-hole magnetometer.

Eel Pie Island, Twickenham

October 2019

Risk Management Limited were instructed to undertake a simple site investigation at a property located on Eel Pie Island located in the River Thames at Twickenham.

The work involved hand excavating four Trial Pits to determine foundation depths of concrete columns and a timber extension. The work was completed in one day with the Trial Pits photographed, logged, backfilled and reinstated.

Limehouse Cut

September 2019

Risk Management Limited were commissioned to undertake Trial Pits against existing foundations at basement and ground floor level across a Grade II listed warehouse in Limehouse Cut.

The work involved undertaking twenty-three hand excavated Trial Pits, assisted by a mini-excavator with breaker at certain locations, to find column/pad undersides. Trial Pits were logged, photographed before backfilling and reinstating as per the existing make-up.

In addition 3 No. concrete cores were undertaken across the site to assess the slab structure.

Romsey, Hampshire

August 2019

Risk Management Limited were employed to undertake both a Phase I, non-intrusive, Desk Study and a Phase II, intrusive, Site Investigation at a large parcel of land in Romsey, Hampshire.

The work involved thirteen light percussion boreholes, thirteen MEXE Probe CBR tests and twenty-two Soil Infiltration Tests. Falling head permeability tests and land -borne gas monitoring completed the fieldwork.

Comprehensive geotechnical and contamination testing were scheduled to provide allowable bearing pressures and advice for the remediation of the site.

Whitehawk Bus Depot, Brighton

July 2019

Risk Management Limited were commissioned by Derek Lofty & Associates to provide information on the existing slab and sub-soil conditions at Whitehawk Bus Depot in Brighton.

The investigation consisted of a number of concrete cores through the existing slab to note the overall depth of concrete and presence and size of reinforcement. Unconfined compression tests were subsequently undertaken on the cores retrieved to determine the core strength.

In addition to the slab assessment, three boreholes were sunk through the aforementioned cores to determine the underlying soil conditions and two hand excavated trial pits to assess the existing foundation make-up and depth. Contamination and Asbestos identification were also undertaken.

Brixton, South London

June 2019

Risk Management Limited were employed to undertake intrusive work at a Primary School in Brixton, South London to provide the Consulting Engineers, Pellings LLP, information on the existing structure.

The work consisted of six hand excavated trial pits against existing walls to uncover the foundation make up, dimensions and depth to underside. Furthermore, the internal walls and roof structure of the building were opened up in six areas to ascertain the make-up.

Winchester, Hampshire

May 2019

Risk Management Limited were employed by local house building company Alfred Homes to undertake a full BRE 365 Soil Infiltration Test at a property in the village of Weeke, Winchester.

A 3 ton mini excavator was utilised owing to the access restraints to dig a trench to 2.70m depth, with sides and base kept as straight as possible. The trench was then measured and the strata photographed and logged before filling using a 2000 gallon lorry mounted bowser. The rate of fall was then used to calculate a Soil Infiltration Rate (f) which facilitates drainage design by others.

Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire

February 2019

Risk Management Limited were instructed to undertake a Land-Borne Gas Risk Assessment requested by North West Leicestershire District Council at a site of a former open-cast mine in Ashby-De-La-Zouch.

The work involved monitoring a number of gas standpipes, installed by RML across the site, at two-weekly intervals over a period of 18 weeks. Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide and gas flow were measured along with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Ashford, Kent

January 2019

Risk Management Limited were commissioned to undertake a Phase II Site Investigation at a parcel of land in Ashford, Kent for a proposed Extra Care Facility.

The underlying geology of Weald Clay can be difficult to penetrate with standard drive-in-sampler/window sampler techniques and consequently Cable Percussion techniques were employed to achieve the required 15m depth.

In addition to geotechnical testing and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) tests, a full BRE 365 Soil Infiltration Test was also undertaken to inform drainage design and assess the capability of the underlying ground for potential soakaways.

Marketfield Way, Redhill

December 2018

Risk Management Limited were instructed to undertake a Phase I Desk Study and Phase II Site Investigation at a parcel of land adjacent to Redhill Train Station for a proposed multi-story residential development in the heart of Redhill town centre.

The underlying geology in Redhill, of the Sandgate Formation, required RML to employ Rotary drilling techniques in order to penetrate the sandstone to the required depth.

A comprehensive suite of both geotechnical and chemical tests were undertaken to inform the developer of foundation design parameters and environmental requirements for the site.